• Studio HOT TOPIC

    Studio HOT TOPIC turns your branding into an experience because we are passionate storytellers.

    We believe branding is a vital part of every business. And that’s where we come in. We empathize with you, your product or service. We work your story until it becomes our story. So tell us who you are and what you want to achieve. We’ll provide you with the tools to create impact. By offering eye-catching designs, visual storytelling and audiovisual creations. To bring your brand closer to people.

    HOT TOPIC represents a fresh, quirky vision on existing strategies − that gets people talking.

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  • Graphic design

    With a specialty in branding, HOT TOPIC is the place to go for you next visual identity or graphic design project − ranging from typography and designing for print and screen to social media visuals and content creation, web design and so much more. We manage a consistent & accessible visual language, that keeps surprising and praise by a personal approach made to fit your needs.

    For ideas that leave an impression. For concepts that stick. For design that gets people talking.

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  • Photography and styling

    Great product photography is to your branding what honey is to milk: it only makes it better.
    Ranging from clean packshots to atmospheric mood or food photography. For magazines, social media content or your next packaging design, we got you. Studio HOT TOPIC takes care of everything: from styling on set to shooting and editing.
    We come up with a concept, install the studio, get creative with fitting props and start shooting.

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  • Video productions

    Where a picture says more than a thousand words, a video tells entire stories.
    That’s why we offer audiovisual support in all shapes and sizes. We’ll get to work with a camera, light and sound and take care of post production.
    What we love doing most? We cut and paste and make the mood match to your message. Whatever your wishes, we assure a professional end result and a timely delivery.
    Corporate videos
    , catchy social media clips, commercial productions … you name it.

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